The Retail Traders Trap


Do you recognise this scenario? You spot an entry, make a trade and place your stop loss. The trade goes against you and either hits your stop or you close out the trade. Then it reverses just a few pips from your stop and motors off whilst you sit watching and cursing.

You feel so far away from making this work, you want to give up, right now. Many do.



Let’s start with a question. Who are you trading against? Have you ever even thought about it? Who is on the other side of the trade? When you make a winning trade is there a bank or hedge fund on the other side making a loss? Unlikely.

When you make a losing trade who is winning? Who loses most of the time? I’ll tell you, the retail traders, that’s who and right now you are one of them.

Knowing this suddenly gives you a huge advantage over most traders who never ever think about it.

In our course The Retail Traders Trap we teach a specific trade to take advantage of the novice trader day after day, time after time and it works in all markets across all time frames and with shares, indices like the FTSE100, Dax, Dow, and of course Forex.



“Very informative gives you a good understanding of trading, how the market move and where to focus your attention when trading, extremely valuable information great course. Chris answer’s your question promptly with clear explanation”.

“I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, Chris definitely knows his stuff about trading. I have dabbled in trading a few times in the past and have been burned by it. I now know why that happened. I didn’t understand what I was doing and I made a major mistake. This course is all encompassing and it fills in the blanks. Chris has restored my confidence and that is worth way more than what I paid for this course. I am looking forward to his next course!”

“This is an excellent course for understanding the fundamentals of trading. There is no question that Chris not only ‘talks the talk’ but can ‘walk the walk’. It is clearly evident he has a lot of trading experience and explains things clearly and carefully so you can follow and understand. I look forward to more in depth stuff from Chris”.

“Whenever someone says he can teach you to trade in 1 hour, most of the time it’s either a false claim or it will end up to be incomplete information, that will leave you guessing when you get to real trading. Chris’ course is different. You won’t be disappointed. He provides a simple but powerful method that can be learned and applied today, not in weeks from now. Best part, it can be applied to any time frame, so it will fit any trader, either you’re trading full-time, or you just have 10 minutes a day to trade. I highly recommend this course”.

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